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Regional Venture Partnership Programme

Become our Regional Venture Partner in your Spare Time and share in Annuity Income
through a Turn-Key Business with Limited Capital required.

Our Challenge


The mass consumer market sector has long been excluded from sophisticated service offerings due to the inability of legacy systems to support micro transactions and product models not catering for infrequent payment patterns.

In an ever-escalating compliance-orientated world, rendering services to the significant aspirational mass market has become even more challenging.

Our Solution


Creative Business & Risk Models and Process-Automation has enabled us to deliver localised eServices globally.

We focus strongly on building Recurring Income streams for stability and resilience. 

Critical country-specific attrition and payment statistics collected through proprietary cloud-based systems have enabled us to adjust client acquisition prices daily, to ensure optimal returns on clientbase investments.

Venture Partnership



  • Localised Technology Platform
  • Process Automation (eMarketing, CRM, Billing)
  • BackOffice Functions


  • Local Statutory Compliance
  • Regional Brand Stewardship
  • PSP & Acquirer Signup & Relations

eServe has achieved a stellar result in crafting eService Products for various territories globally. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Our biggest challenge remains the achievement of optimal payment acceptance rates in various markets. This challenge has been brought about by Card Association regional rules and licensing regimes, coupled with localised risk management processes protocols enforced by Card Issuing Banks. The only practical solution to this challenge is to establish regional product reselling licensees in key markets, so that monthly service subscription fees could be collected locally. To this end, we have launched our Venture Partnership Programme.

General Provisions

  1. eServe is the Product IP Owner of the CareAssist Service Product Bundle (iSOS, LifeGuru & Subscription Loyalty Rewards Programme), and the various regionalised Brand Names.
  2. Prosperian FinTech is the owner of the PLANet Technology Platform, that supports the rendering and operation of the CareAssist Service Product Bundle.
  3. eServe enters into a Venture Partnership Agreement with the Regional Venture Partner for a Licensed Territory (Specific Country).
  4. A Regional LifeStyle Direct LLC is formed, with both eServe and the Regional Venture Partner as shareholders and represented on the board of directors.
  5. The Regional LifeStyle Direct LLC is then licensed by eServe to render and distribute the CareAssist Service Bundle in the Licensed Territory (Specific Country) to consumers.

Duties of eServe

  1. Continued product development and enhancements.
  2. Provision of the PLANet Technology Platform & Gateway services needed, through its agreement with Prosperian FinTech.
  3. Branding, Regionalisation and Customisation of the CareAssist Service Bundle domains, including iSOS and LifeGuru, for the Licensed Territory.
  4. Registration of Regional LifeStyle Direct LLC, with assistance from the Venture Partner.
  5. Provision of a Local Business Telephone number, including a Local Telephone Answering Service in the Licensed Territory.
  6. Technical Integration to relevant regional Acquiring Banks & Payment Processors.
  7. Product & Client Acquisition Pricing Strategy & Targets.
  8. Digital Marketing Campaign Setup, Management, Automation & Budgets.
  9. 1st Line Client Procurement Related CRM via Online Chat support and eMail.
  10. Automated electronic communication with clients.
  11. Billing and Payment Processing configuration and automatic execution.
  12. Payments related Administrative Functions, such as Chargeback Capturing and Refund Processing.
  13. Escalated CRM Query Handling via eMail, on behalf of the Regional LifeStyle Direct LLC.
  14. Acquirer Query Handling via eMail, on behalf of the Regional LifeStyle Direct LLC.
  15. Online Banking Payouts of Subscription Rewards, eMarketing Costs, CRM Fees, Technology Platform Costs, General Operational Expenses and Venture Partner Executive Service Fees, calculated at an agreed Percentage of Turnover (Successful Subscription Fee Collections Less Collection Fees & Chargebacks).
  16. Compilation of Accounting & Tax Records, on behalf of the Regional LifeStyle Direct LLC.
  17. Interaction with Local Accountants for Statutory & Tax Filings, on behalf of the Regional LifeStyle Direct LLC.

Duties of Venture Partner & Regional LifeStyle Direct LLC

  1. Provision of applicable legal role players of the LLC (Shareholder, Director, Secretary, etc.).
  2. Provision of a local business address in the Licensed Territory for KYB purposes.
  3. Regional Brand Stewardship.
  4. Procurement and Maintenance of approved Acquiring Banking relationships at the approved fee structure, under guidance from eServe.
  5. Issuing of 25% Shareholding to eServe.
  6. Appointment of eServe representative to the board of Directors.
  7. Acquirer Query Handling via interaction with acquirer staff, under guidance from eServe.
  8. Online Banking Setup.
  9. Sign-Off of Statutory & Tax Filings.

Governing Agreements

  1. eServe & Venture Partner to enter into a Venture Partnership Agreement.
  2. eServe & Venture Partner to enter into a Shareholders Agreement.
  3. Venture Partner & Regional LifeStyle Direct LLC to enter into an Executive Services Agreement.
  4. eServe Representative & Regional LifeStyle Direct LLC to enter into an Executive Services Agreement.
  5. eServe & Regional LifeStyle Direct LLC to enter into a Product Technology Support Agreement, including CRM Services, eMarketing Services and BackOffice Support.

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