Mobile Response App, Multi-Currency eWallets,
Global Money Transfer & Emergency CASH Assistance

CareAssist provides Emergency Mobile Response, Multi-Currency eWallets and Global

Money Transfer Services on Subscription with FREE CASH Rewards for Loyal Subscribers.

CareAssist Product Strategy

We have designed this bundled service offering to have mass-market appeal across diverse horizontal market sectors, with the widest possible footprint, with a mobile optimised, simplistic signup process. From our CareAssist Service Bundle flows signups to our eWallets, Global Digital Payment services and our prepaid Purchase Card with Credit offerings…

CareAssist Subscription Service Product Overview

♦  Mobile Panic Button

♦  Multi-Currency eWallets

♦  Global Money Transfer

♦  Emergency CASH

We offer an iSOS Emergency Mobile Response Application (Customised Emergency Response), PayPayYa Payments Bundle* (FREE Usage Global Digital Payments & Multi-Currency eWallets) and a Subscription Cash Reward Programme (to encourage sales and regular payments) as a bundled, single service to consumers, on subscription. This product offering is offered under various brands regionally, across the global consumer market.

* We are currently offering a Legal Access Benefit instead of the PayPayYa Payments Bundle & eWallet benefit. – –

CareAssist Subscription Benefits

1. iSOS Emergency Mobile Response Application

Our iSOS Emergency Mobile Response Application is a Mobile Panic Button that notifies a predefined list of friends, family members or emergency professionals of a consumer’s emergency via SMS and telephone. Each of the 9 Emergency Response Buttons are configurable to send a text message with their location to a selected responder and to place a call to a responder. Consumers simply have to install the iSOS Application and configure their response options, by following the instructions on the iSOS website.

2A. PayPayYa Digital Payment Bundle

Our PayPayYa Payment Bundle offering is a Multi-Currency eWallet and Global Payments service, with 3 subscription tiers, which offers ALL-INCLUSIVE transactions at the fixed cost of the chosen monthly subscription option, as well as the option to pay-per-use for transactions with no minimum monthly commitment.

As part of our CareAssist Service Bundle offering, consumers will enjoy ALL-INCLUSIVE use of the eWallet and Global Transactions, subject to the following transaction count limits per chosen product option per month: Gold 6, Silver 4 and Bronze 2.

Our PayPayYa service affords consumers the ability to:

  • Receive CareAssist Cash Rewards Instantaneously;
  • Receive Funds via Bank Transfer, eWallet or Cash Deposit;
  • Hold Funds in a variety of Popular Currencies;
  • Allocate Bank Account Details, such as an IBAN, to their eWallets;
  • Perform Currency Exchange Conversions;
  • Send Money globally to other eWallet holders;
  • Make Global Payments to Bank Accounts.
  • Send money for over-the-counter Cash Pickups through an impressive list of cash-pickup locations.

Our eWallets has been made available through agreements with duly registered and regulated eMoney Institutions.

2B. Emergency Legal Access Service

Our research has found that consumers in our target market often face difficulty when they suddenly require access to legal services Professionals. To assist consumers when they suddenly find themselves in a situation where they elected to make use of legal services, we have designed our Legal Access Benefit to contribute towards the cost of their first consultation.

Should they elect to procure the services of a legal professional, for any reason, consumers will be entitled to claim an annual legal access benefit from us, subject to a maximum of 50% of their annual product subscription fees of their chosen product option.

To qualify for this benefit, they are required to be up to date with their monthly subscription fee payments in respect of their annual subscription, and only after an initial waiting period of 3 months.

3. Subscription Cash Rewards

Our Subscription Cash Rewards has been designed to encourage service product signup and to reward annual subscribers for making regular, up-to-date monthly subscription payments.

Consumers can access their initial cash reward immediately after paying their annual registration fee (equivalent to one month’s subscription) and their 1st monthly subscription fee, without having to wait!

They can then simply request the Cash Reward they need, from the CareAssist website and we will then immediately transfer the requested amount to their PayPayYa eWallet.

To qualify for their annual Cash Reward, consumers are required to be up to date with their monthly subscription fee payments in respect of their annual subscription.

Annual Cash Reward Limits are determined by chosen product options: Bronze $200, Silver $300, Gold $400. During the first 3 months, reward pay outs are limited to 25% of annual cash reward limits.


We process a small, once-off card verification fee upon registration.

As we may present monthly subscription fee payments in a different currency to the product currency, monthly subscription amounts are thus subject to currency exchange fluctuations.

During the first 30 days after signing up for this service, it may be cancelled immediately, for a full refund of any amounts paid, less the value of any benefits received. Thereafter it may be cancelled at any time, by giving us at least one calendar month’s written notice and any loyalty rewards that were processed, would then be repayable.

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